About Astra Rise Collective

Astra Rise Collective offers coaching services but goes beyond that, aspiring to elevate women in business. We uplift and empower high-achieving women, fostering a supportive community for those making a real impact in the world. By connecting women at all career levels, we amplify voices, provide mentorship, and build confidence to achieve professional goals. Our belief is that women rising together benefits everyone. Join our movement of fantastic women reaching for the stars to create positive change.

person walking on beach during daytime
person walking on beach during daytime

Our principles

We enable women executives to tap their power and boldly reach their aspirations. With determination and confidence, these driven leaders accomplish personal and professional goals.

Advance Equity

Authentic Leadership

Limitless Potential

We help leaders discover their unique leadership style and empower them to execute it with integrity, becoming beacons for others.

We champion leaders to fully develop their talents and maximize their impact, so they can inspire others to create a more just and better world for all.


Speak Up to Stand Out

We equip professional women to amplify their unique voices and unapologetically chase their most ambitious goals.

Our Offerings

We provide coaching beyond the 1-on-1. We seek to help elevate all of your potential through guidance in Personal Coaching, connection in our Wisdom Circles, and skill-building with our Skill Transfer sessions,

woman in teal t-shirt sitting beside woman in suit jacket
woman in teal t-shirt sitting beside woman in suit jacket
a person sitting at a table with a laptop on it
a person sitting at a table with a laptop on it


Regular events for professionals to share best practices, get expert advice and make connections. Benefit from shared knowledge and proven strategies. Expect a welcoming environment to discuss work, gain perspectives, and strengthen your network. Join us to learn, grow, and build community.


Decades empowering leaders means understanding you. We provide tailored strategies and compassionate support to accomplish your goals and potential. We'll help build the case and gain support to develop top talent like you. The journey's brighter with coaching.


Our seminars build skills and transfer knowledge to unlock your potential. Experts lead interactive sessions to strengthen abilities you can apply right away. Expand your toolset in communication, executive presence, branding, social strategy, and more. Leave smarter, more confident, and better equipped to excel.

Theresa (Royster) Buckholder


Meet our founders

Sarah Harper


Experienced, Intuitive, Motivating

Sarah is an executive coach with over 25 years of experience. Her engagements have led to promotions, better quality of life, and new opportunities for clients. With over two decades across industries, Sarah understands guiding individuals to achieve potential. Her clients praise her for enabling breakthroughs and growth. Her impressive track record proves expertise in helping leaders accomplish goals.

Seasoned, Passionate, Growth-Minded

Theresa is an experienced executive coach dedicated to developing professionals. Her passion has led her to hundreds of clients across industries. Theresa takes a personalized approach to enhance leadership and achieve outcomes. Her experience provides tailored strategies that lead to promotions and increased compensation. Theresa is driven to guide individuals to success. Her methods and dedication make her a coach committed to motivating each client.

Organizations of Executives We Coach


"Focus on Getting Results"

"What I've appreciated in working with my coach is her ability to grasp a situation from multiple angles. She does this quickly and respectfully with a focus on getting results. I also appreciate the tools, frameworks, and approaches she has introduced to me and helped me craft given my specific needs/development areas. In addition, I value and am grateful for the neutral, non-judgmental approach. We were introduced by a mutual VC friend about a year ago and since starting to work together we’ve expanded her work to support our broader executive team."

Libby Swan, CEO, Axcion

"Over a few sessions, my coach had me think about the pros/cons of making a move, in addition to helping me view my career from a new perspective. This was life-changing for me."

Amy G., SVP, Sales

"Life Changing for Me"

Meet Some of Our Amazing Coaches

Our talent is comprised of successful coaches in their own right who are coming together to create something bigger than themselves. To build a community to lift each other up and learn how to lift up the next generation.

Debra Boblitt


Melissa Hess


Mimi Fernandez


Tanya Wallace


Simone Morris


Lea Appleton


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